submit your poems to p.s.s.

You may submit up to 5 poems. "Poem" can be interpreted loosely---visual/concrete poetry, poetic language, etc. are all welcome. Each poem must not exceed two pages in length. Note: if your poem is 2 pages long, it will be printed on one piece of paper, double-sided printing.

  • Please email your poems to:

  • Please put "your last name_PSS submission" in the subject title.

  • Attach poems as a pdf file

We are able to pay our contributors on a case by case basis when grant funding is applicable. This is not always the case. In lieu of that, we offer contributors a free 12 month subscription to PSS, and if you have already paid for a subscription, we can refund your original $12 or apply it to a next subscription period.


Thank you! We look forward to reading your work.