Field Guide Archive

All Field Guides are available for free or by donation. Please consider donating any amount! All funds support our programming, which includes paying workshop leaders, venues/hosts, printing costs, and other costs associated with running a creative space. We hope to offer print copies of the Field Guide in the future.

Spring 2018 Contributors:

Caitlin Vestal

Brian Doody

Anastatia Spicer

Sammi LaBue

Ros Zimmermann

Olivia Wood 

Hajara Quinn

Phoebe Wayne

Charles Theonia

meg willing

dayni staddon

Andrea Blancas Beltran

CC Teakell

Sara Riegler 

Molly Schaeffer

Sarah Kearsley

Sam Loper

Heidi Reszies 

Jessica Townes George

Chelsea Petrakis

Samantha Garcia 

Ally Harris

Santino DallaVecchia

rory ou

Sara Sutter

Summer 2018 Contributors:

Diana Brighouse

Shirley Jones-Luke

Darla Mottram

Sarah Kearsley

Kara McMullen

Lindsay Costello

Michaela Coffield

Emily H. Cox