At Meadow, we aim to hold safe space that allows everyone to nourish and explore their creativity. 


    However, we recognize that safe spaces can be subjective and ever-evolving, and so will continue to check in and adjust these boundaries, in order to continue showing up for the communities we are providing this space for.


As to assure we arrive in this space communally, we have created our Boundaries, that as a participant in Meadow, must be acknowledged, respected, and accounted for.


    If you have questions, concerns, or seek clarification, please email               






  • Please do not assume a person’s identity, including but not limited to: race, religion, gender, or sexuality.


  • If you do not know a person’s pronouns, then don’t assume. You can use their name. 


  • Oppressive language and gestures, including microaggressions, will not be tolerated.


  • Recognize your role as an ally and advocate for other communities—celebrate our shared experiences and respect our differences. 


  • Please ask before touching someone or their work.


  • Approach each other and each other’s work with respect, empowerment, and well-meaning.