Meadow is a creative space for those who identify as or alongside the intersections of women, lgbtqia, gender non-conforming, BIPOC, and/or other marginalized voices. We aim to make our spaces inclusive for all bodies of all abilities.


is new and has big plans. Will change and adapt. Guided towards collective and community exchange and growth.  


We aim to offer space & time, in hopes that you may create and refine your creative practice(s), share and invent personal/collective dialogues, and leave us as restored and re-energized artists.

We aim to support artists by offering teaching, compensation, exposure, networking, and community building opportunities.

We aim to support the community by offering affordable & accessible creative space (including our publication FIELD GUIDE), networking, and community building opportunities.


Our goals for Meadow include a permanent facility & land, workshop spaces, variety of tools/materials, gallery, and publication(s). Meadow is new and still evolving, hopefully under the influence of the artists that contribute to and inhabit it.


In addition to these missions, our Boundaries and Devotions also serve as a foundational guidance to this organization.